As I write this, I’m eating salad and macaroni noodles with ice tea right after a work out at the ARC. I have had no real provoking thoughts, other than I’m so damn glad my Chemistry Head TA is not that asian guy who has greasy hair and a superiority complex. Luckily, I have someone who actually grooms himself and is definitely not a bad specimen to look at if you catch my drift.

I woke up to my roommate telling me my alarm was going off, I shut it off and eventually missed “Military Conditioning”…6am fucking droll and early. I dropped the class when I woke up at 8am 🙂

I added “Writing in Health” it’s at 4:40pm, a comfortable afternoon class. I happily take four units midday then half in the wee bits of the ‘morn.

So, it’s seems my two hour work out after biology lecture has put a bounce in my step and a happier tone to writing today. Let’s just see if that persists.  I fear that this entry is not so thought provoking for anyone who has been reading from the past entries. Sometimes, though, a break from all seriousness is much appreciated and needed.

I may have to stop here since my bed calls to me and my mind wanders. I can’t make coherent and complex sentences about the meaning of life, the dreary state of what it means to be a university student nor can I comment on the warm weather without putting myself to sleep.

Until part 2 of this entry, Au Revoir!


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