It’s 9:29am, having just been released from physics lecture after a almost-harrowing-quiz, I come back to bed in one piece.

Having to wake up at around 8am yesterday and spending most of the day yesterday running to and from classes and labs, I was finally finished with my academic part of my day at 9:35pm with a three hour break jammed somewhere in the rush of academia life. Excited to see P and J for a nice round of friendly badminton only to be disappointed because one, my court was given away and two, the people after whom we signed up for, litteraly, TOOK FOREVER!
We decided to get smart and get out before it was all doomed. We ended up spending the rest of the night on a late night food run to Old Tea House, a boba and asian type food place at the University Mall. It was awesome to taste milk black tea again, even sweeter knowing that it was our thing to do this strange ritual of a late night food run. We packed up and left to catch the last and only bus that would take us home last night and it was a kind rest of the night…almost.

We all ended up studying our respective subjects. P subjected herself to organic chemistry, while J’s choice of poison was biology and I, physics. Seldom have we actually studied like last night. It was as if something clicked and we were all on the same study-track, where all we wanted and needed to do was study but be around each other’s company whilst this phenomena was occuring.

I went to bed at 3:00am trying to cram all the information I had attained from lab that night only to be rudely awakened by my internal clock at 5:26am. I couldn’t sleep for fear of oversleeping, fear of the approaching quiz and fear of missing the bus…like that’s even a fear worth having at 5:26 in the morning, right?

I stayed in a drowsy/semi-alert stage of wakefulness until 6 when I decided I should get ready for the day to come. It took me an usually long time brushing my teeth and deciding if I wanted to ear earrings today; negative, I had more important things to think about. All the while getting ready, I repeated Ethermal, Ebond, mass, mCpdeltaT, deltamdeltaT…basically to insanity. When I sat down in the large lecture hall, I looked around to see people fidgeting through papers and talking to the next drowsy student over. I grabbed my review notes and began to re-memorize everything I could see. It wasn’t until my professor began the class with, “we’re going over exactly what you’ll need to know for this quiz” that I calmed down a bit and decided I should gage my knowledge. As she began to go over homework problems, I could tell I had been properly tutored by P and J both. I was indebted to them rather than my TA from lab the night before simply because terminology was, indeed, important and I disregarded it during lab section. It took almost an hour to go over two and a half problems from the homework, but I felt good by the end of it. It was two questions pertaining to why such and such diagram was correct, which were incorrect based upon a small paragraph of information.

In all, having been one of the last to finish, I feel okay about this first quiz. I’m not the best at physics…that I blame my high school physics teacher because she was never, ever in class…I remember more lines from the movie, The Animal, than laws of physics, all because of the damn substitutes she brought in.

In all it has been a nice morning, I feel like I should crash, but my body aches from the heavy work outs I’ve been subjecting myself to. So, I still have one more lab to attend today, it’s biology. It should be fine…hopefully.

Paramore, not afraid to say I like them, especially since they sing my favorite band’s new single, KOL…USE SOMEBODY!!!!



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