6. Two Dip Cheese, Please!

I guess it’s time for a new post, an update, a joke.

This past weekend was an unpleasant blur I hope not to repeat, but at the same time things looked up as well. I spent most of my Saturday mornin and afternoon driving through the God-awful traffic to San Francisco to site see and make fun memories with my buddies, P and J. It turned out to be a nightmare when plans changed and we spent time at the LoveFest. What I found to be, not a tribute to awesome trance music, but to this societies need of open love and interaction with really no judgement, inhibition or fear. I was traumatized, scarred and now ready to say no more to raves that masquerade as “music festivals”.

So after the experience of completely shedding any form or credible protozoa-sized hope and.or faith I have in American society, we returned to the uneventful city of Davis to eat some leftovers, I think. I can’t even remember.

The next day I woke up around 11am to find dirty laundry piling up, a cereal bowl crusting away and a fly that buzzed for its DEATH; *Good Lord, please dont’ have let that poor fly feel the pain I inflicted in the midst of an angry arousal from bed 🙂 *

I loaded up the laundry in the hamper properly, sinced I missed two shirts and a pair of jeans worth earlier in the week. I scrubbed the shit out of the cereal bowl, brushed away the weeks worth of erasure shavings from my black desk, fluffed up my bed pillows, organized my books, re-height-organized my book collection to complement the new books I had bought earlier in the week, dusted off the CD’s  from atop my three-drawer organizer and put them away. In addition to cleaning up my desk, I made a promise to myself to never let myself become compromised again. I just have to be stronger and more determined, just like when I need to improve my grades, I simply need to study the laws of my religion, adhere to them, and most importantly, be more fucking adament in my beliefs, especially its guidelines of living life.

Today was Monday morning, the start of a brand new week, a brand new slate. I woke up at 8:00am, realized I forgot to do my Pre-Lab for biology and only had thirty mins to do it and settled on doing it when I got back from lecture, which was around, 11am. When I did get home, I found not Pre-Lab button and had to email my TA about the “missing link” hahahahah (NERD ALERT!)

The rest of the day I spent doing my FNT or For Next Time’s or, it gets better, AKA, homework…why they insist on changing every name I do not know, but hey when you master physics concepts and laws, I think you’d want to change terminology for no good reason too, right? It’s a power trip we all should go through, kind of like a rite of passage…anyways.

 I had a giant 8 hour break in between lecture and Physics Discussion/Lab. I was going to pack up after lunch and a quick nap when I got home, but lo and behold my plans changed. I cooked lunch which took an hour, I ate it which took another half hour, then I started to do my biology reading only to follow it up with physics homework that I had left for the rest of the few hours. By the end of freaking physics I was soooo thermally and bonded out I passed out for about an hour, when I woke up from the strangest dream. My mother and I were walking through our front yard and she was in front. As she walked past the wall to our left a group of 3 or 4 guys with crazy fucking masks came out and freaked me out. I don’t know what happened but my whole entire body froze and I couldn’t move to fight them or move to breathe. I started floating clockwise and they started floating counterclockwise to me. As the floatin continued, I started waking up and could see the afternoon light sighing to a dim. I was still in my dream but I could see the afternoon light from my bedroom and YET I still couldn’t move. I knew the hair on my arms, neck, legs (I wax, okay, it’s grown out a bit, don’t matter!) stood straight fucking up. I remember because never has my hair stood up so straight, it was painful to feel.

I ended up calling home and calling my brother only to find that everyone was fine and my little niece was talking up a storm, Thank God. 🙂

Physics lab was simple, yet my group members are basically mutes who make me talk about every single problem we have to present and basically dump the work on me since I have this strange and incessant need to do my work  that’s assigned to me in discussion and lab, gosh!

It was a simple ending to tonight. I’m tired as hell, but can’t seem to sleep. I have an 8am lab tomorrow with a enthusiastic soccer player/TA. I still must look over lab procedure before I jump in and fall asleep, but otherwise it’s a pretty nice ending to a pretty nice day.

If you’re wondering what today’s Ipod soundtrack was, it was Korn, a CD with collected songs from many albums and IT. WAS. SO. FUCKING. SICK. I wanted to get into a brawl with anyone willing to give me a dirty look, but sadly, the nice lady working at the South Silo gave me a generous smile and held the pen out to me so that I could sign my debit receipt…..NEXT TIME THOUGH, FOR SURE! LOL.

It’s time for bed. Sweet Dreams.


And if tonight my soul may find her peace
in sleep, and sink in good oblivion,
and in the morning wake like a new-opened flower
then I have been dipped again in God, and new-created.
~D.H. Lawrence


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