7. Save the Blasting Hip-Hop Music for the Club, Homie.

Good afternoon on this gloriously wet and cold day my select few or single, repetitive reader(s),

Today I was packed in the J line bus at 12:55pm like a sardine. My backpack was soaked as well as my big fatty coat, my Shah’s lunch was getting colder by the passing minute and the girl SITTING behind me kept knocking my backpack out of her fucking way, like I was purposely close and wanted to put my large-and-in-charge book bag in her face. Sometimes some people’s stupidity really is so profound, I may have to write a paper on it.

After I ended lab at 11am, I dropped off my biology homework and doctors note to my TA and as I entered the cave like room at Young Hall, I realized she couldn’t be any drier and I couldn’t be any wetter. It was awkward and gutsy of me to walk in all rain soaked just to deliver our class assignment. Not really.

Anyways I just woke up from a nap and I fail. I fail because I could have been studying and I wasn’t even that sleepy or exhausted from the lab or the night before. I, sadly, can not legitimize why I fell asleep for two hours. Oh well, I’ll stay up tonight and get some stuff done. This is code for I’ll stay up periodically taking notes/reading while I clean my room, read books from my library, go on facebook, go on gchat, and give myself a facial. I hope this isn’t how tonight fares! hahah…it won’t I have determination and kind of two midterms to study for and I MUST ACE THEM!

In all I’ll say this, patience is a virtue and anyone who has more than me I commend you. I need and want to be more patient, I feel as student here, undergraduates in particular, race through their years here trying to fit everything they want to do to make college the experience to remember sometimes we rush past the lost freshmen and go on with our lives because we feel we need to get our shit done and who cares for the wide-eyed freshmen holding a giant school map? Well, evidently I don’t either.

I was rushing to get to my biology class which is uncomfortably back to back with my chemistry lecture, but completely opposite rooms on campus. I get confronted this scenario, I see a freshmen girl, big map, open-gaped mouth to the right-half of the sidewalk, oncoming student traffic to her left and a giant, menacing and infinitely deep puddle to her right. What do you do, right? Simple ask if there is anything you could help this freshmen with and maybe coax her to move and talk with you while oncoming traffic is still being…oncoming? Anyways lo and behold my decision making skills have been blurred by my incessant need to get to class early, get to class early, get to class EARLY. I choose to walk through the puddle and hope that it don’t be too bad. I am ankle deep in mud and dark water. I look down with one foot in and say, outloud, dammit. The freshmen girl looks up and smiles awkwardly and moves forward. I am stuck with one foot and the humiliation of being an impatient bastard who had lost all sense of people-dom (…?) . I sat in bio lecture sloshing my wet foot up and down my slip-on shoes. I sat in biology lecture with one wet foot, but with a big smile on my face. It was due to the fact that I was physically told that I need to sharpen my patience and be on my way, but keep others who need help in my heart too. It was a simple gesture that will be with me for many years to come.

I’ve been reading Fountainhead by Ayn Rand and thus far, from the 100 or so pages of the giant book I’ve read, I know it will be one of my favorite books…ever. It’s getting up there with Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice.

I can’t believe I don’t feel deeply emotional, expository or even deeply depressed to the point where I write about life being not lively, but a dead hollow we’ll all leave in the end anyways. I can say even though the flu has taken hold of me, I still feel last week was a success and this week will be too. I hope I can muster enough enthusiasm to ace both my exams, iA.

Oh my Lord, I am indeed needy of whatever good you may send to me. Surah Qassas.

Oh Allah! I seek refuge in You from grief and sadness, from weakness and laziness, from miserliness and from cowardice, from being overcome by debt, and from being overpowered by men (other people). Sahih Al-Bukhari.

I shall begin my long road trip to acing my exams now, so long and good day!


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