9. All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen. -RW Emerson

So, it’s been a tough week. I guess it’s been a while since my last update and I hope a bit more cheerful. (Who is so content to happy most of their time? Though, I admire people like that. They seem to make light of such situations that would normally cause white hairs upon my head. I believe those types of people will live longer lives than I will. Good for them.)

I need to study for my physics quiz, I’m waiting for my clothing/sheets to dry and I have an incessant need to blog in the midst of a crucial two hours that are still young in comparison to how late I will be staying up to get sufficient study time in.

It’s about 11:30pm, I’m a bit tired from physics discussion/lab, my case study is bailing on our interview tomorrow, I have to seriously get work done on this case study by Monday, and I have yet to conduct the interview…I think I shall start panicking.

A good friend of mine, whom I shall call Red (because of his reddish hair, lol) always refers to people as he or she is a “Good Man”. I was thinking about it all day.

It seems that although people aren’t generally good or sincere, he still hopes and believes that they are. What I’m puzzled about is faith in humanity Red has. I seem to have lost that somewhere in the midst of the last two years at Davis. I always thought “hey that person or so and so are just having a bad day, that’s why they cut me off while biking or that’s why they’re taking forver to decide on what to order and I left it like that and walked away”.

As the disturbances increased over the years, the more bitter and disgusted I became with the human race and the folly of convening to live a life and just being so damn regulated by the bells and whistles of the future in terms of getting ahead and acheiving the BS, MD or PhD status by stepping on others, getting the job over someone else, getting the A, making the team, getting the fellowhship, or what not. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Red has helped encourage the regrowth of the human connection of sincerity in daily events, ease in interaction and generally a more hopeful, not so tragic outlook on life and the demise of humanity in humans. He shows that not all people are that bad. There’s bad in us all, I shouldn’t be so critical or too fast to pass judgment, or too eager to dismiss. I am and have become a fast paced scanner of those whom I wish to consort with and those whom I decide never to even look at. Why and how I became so protective of myself can only be judged and gauged by me and the scenes my eyes have seen, the words my ears have listened to, the fragrances my nose has smelled and the things my hands have touched.

I am judging and being critical of myself and it’s here that I publicly ridicule my own stupid nature. Tis’ the beauty of being human, not being an ape or lower animal. Reason, shame and thought are the tools of a growing and civilized community and I am just beginning to see.

“A chief event of life is the day in which we have encountered a mind that startled us.(-RW Emerson)”

Thanks, Red.


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