Monthly Archives: March 2010

18. repeat repeat.

I’m at the airport. I’m eating corn and tortilla soup. It’s an awesome day and I’m done with finals! 🙂

Four is number of drafts I have done for this entry; the meaning behind my lackluster adamant behavior of not posting or not being happy with what I’ve written has tired me and now I feel like letting my fingers go and my mind wander.

I saw so many things on the bus ride to the airport, but I can’t much of them as of right now since I still feel the throb of an 8mile run and the twinge of pain from a chemistry final.

All I can say for this entry is that, I am alive! So alive! I want this week to be the best. I rarely see my family, I don’t have anyone special so all of me goes to family this week and I can’t wait.

I can’t wait to see my mom and dad and tell them I’ve missed them. Saying it on the phone would only worry them, so I’m elated I can see them and tell them…I want to be a baby this week and just chill like old times…

I’m extremely lethargic and my legs feel so heavy. I’ll update more much later!

ciao for now.