21. Is Love a fancy or a feeling?

I am in love with the stories that take you away.

I am in love with the wonders of the world that I hold in my hands.

I am in love with where I can be in a second, whom I meet, whom I speak with and what I can feel.

I can stand by the definitive idea of mine which is related to words and thoughts, particularly related to books. I will never want a kindle, ipad or any other electronic screen to walk with, to hold, it’s not the same. I know, I know some people may say that, “if it’s only the words you’re worried about, what’s wrong with it all being on an electronic memory card?”…my point is, my love must be a fancy or a feeling, that’s all, no other reason!

You just can’t compromise on the feeling of a soft paperback book lying upon your chest when you wake up, or the neat stacks they make on your desk, or the notes you can write with your hand and re-read months later, and feel the indent of the pen your force made on the book all the while you know in your heart the impact the book must have had on you to write that note in the first place.

If anyone hates reading, they have never read. I can say that much.

I was prompted to write this entry because I re-read some passages in Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. I am so incredibly happy for the work of these women.

I can’t wait to share them with my nieces one day when I tuck them into bed.


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